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  1. エリカ
    NOBU NOBUさんの掲示板に書き込みました 4/23(Tue) 21:31
  2. エリカ
    registered a photo. 4/23(Tue) 19:09
    • 菜の花と御輿来海岸
    • 人馬一体
    • 見事大当たり!
    • 福岡西公園の桜
  1. エリカ
    registered a photo. 4/20(Sat) 0:55
    • 御輿来海岸

Bulletin board

Not only send a message, you can paste a photo, or graffiti.
I can write at a time also on the bulletin board of a lot of friends. For more infoPlease take a look at help